General Terms and Conditions


1. General

All agreements of purchase and sale classification broadest sense, including all agreements or clauses in contracts for the transfer of ownership shall be governed solely by the following conditions. Different conditions should apply only where the buyer and the seller agreed in writing and then only to the agreement which they are made.

2. Offers

All offers are subject, as prices in our price lists and catalogs listed. The seller be bound until it has assumed in writing the contract or execute the order. Oral agreements are not binding unless confirmed in writing by the seller. For errors and deviations from the illustrations, drawings and particulars of weights and measures, and all other specifications appearing in advertisements and price lists or offers or order confirmations, the seller is not responsible.

3. Prices

If an amendment of the purchase, price or wages, duties or other taxes, social or other government charges, freight etc. takes place, the sales prices of existing orders accepted subject to the relevant laws are amended accordingly, even where the already under the written offer or adoption to unforeseen circumstances. Notwithstanding the general applicability of this clause, it specifically applies to a change in import or export duties or other duties or taxes after sending the order confirmation acting and change in the exchange rate of the euro to the foreign currency seller the goods purchased. Unless explicitly otherwise agreed, the price including packing but excluding VAT and written in Dutch currency. Unless otherwise agreed, the costs of transport and insurance for the account of the buyer.

4. Deliveries

Each delivery can be regarded as a separate transaction, in that advertising, some mission-related, have no effect on prior or to monitor shipments and no right to refuse payment for these shipments. Complaints to us later than 14 days after date invoice ranges can not be processed. If not explicitly agreed to supply from our stock will be, we have the right to supply one or more plants we choose to deliver. In case of supply as in the preceding paragraph will be goods, whether or not inspected when they leave the factory of origin, considered there by the buyer are delivered and finally accepted it in quality, appearance, size and weight.

5. Delivery times

Compared to the agreed times of delivery is that it can be given only approximately, but not as binding. Although always tried to be the time of delivery wherever possible to meet, the seller is not liable for the consequences of excess. Such movement gives buyer the right to cancel the order or the receipt or payment of the goods to refuse or seller obliged to pay any compensation to the buyer.

6. Calculation of the goods

The calculation of the goods shall, insofar as the supply of stock is concerned, as decided by us when they leave our warehouses or depots controlled quantities, weights and / or sizes, determined by the charge of manufacturing plants. Change or cancellation energy purchase agreement or order requires our written permission. If change or cancellation energy specification is desired, we reserve the adoption of the factories where the order is placed. Change or cancellation is not allowed to goods already dispatched.

7. Warranty and Liability

Seller warrants the Products delivered goods for 12 months after delivery that is integrated in all aspects, which during that period by reason of faulty design, materials or
workmanship, a defect might be caused by free will recover, either through other will replace (at the Seller’s option) provided that such defect immediately after its discovery
is brought to his attention and, if the seller wants the item in question is delivered promptly sent up.

Is the agreement necessary for a technician to replace or repair the defective part, then before the usual charge. If Purchaser during the warranty period or change any orders
without prior approval from seller perform or have performed by third parties, or to meet his payment, then immediately void the warranty obligations of the Seller. The buyer has
no right to refuse payment on the grounds that the seller guarantee obligation, yet not fully satisfied. The warranty applies in lieu of any other liability of the seller, who
therefore expressly excluded. The seller will never be liable for any business closure, delay-,-impairment or any other commercial damage on any account or of any kind, or
for any direct or indirect damage which is caused to or by or the functioning or nonfunctioning or malfunction of the products it supplied Goods. Notwithstanding the
foregoing shall then any liability of the seller on any account whatsoever, and to the extent not inconsistent with applicable laws, always limited to the amount of the
purchase price of the relevant good. Furthermore, the seller is not liable for damages of any kind or any kind whatsoever caused by service in the broadest sense, including
advice and / or information.

8. Changes

Changes or cancellation of an order requires the written consent of the seller. If the buyer wants the agreement to modify or cancel, he is liable for all damages and costs
resulting from the change or cancellation to the seller for a refund.

9. Risk

Unless otherwise agreed, that delivery is made either from the warehouse or factory, so the risk for the buyer is away with when the goods leave the warehouse or the factory have left.

10. Payments

Payment will always be net cash within 8 days after the invoice date without any deduction. In case of late payment the buyer in default right away, without requiring any
warning or notice is required by us. On the due date, the buyer shall have the invoice amount a rate of half percent per month to pay half. Parts of a half month before taking
a half month. When we considered necessary after the expiry of the relevant invoice a claim for collection in the hands of a third party, shall be recorded by us at least 3 days
in advance in writing to the buyer notified.

Soon after the expiry of 3 days or possibly longer prescribed period, the claim by us to third parties for collection is passed, the buyer is obliged, irrespective of any court costs
that relating to taken legal action due by him to be, a sum out of court compliance costs amounting to 10 percent of the amount he owes in principal and interest, with a
minimum of Euro 100, =. Moreover we have the right, in case within the limitation period has been paid, delivery under the same agreement or other transaction with the
defaulting buyer at any time to suspend or cancel, at our discretion without being liable compulsory until any compensation for whatever reason.

11. Retention

The ownership of the goods is first transferred to the buyer once we all paid for is what us in respect of such goods purchase money and any interest and costs due. Where the
goods are sold and delivered to the buyer before the property is transferred, the buyer of the buyer keeper of goods in respect of us. The buyer is obliged to change this by
supplying known. This custodian must first notice the place of storage of such goods identifying and enable us to take back the goods, unless the still full payment to our
premises. Until ownership has not been transferred to the buyer that the goods may not be pledged as security or transfer ownership or any other rights to third parties providing

12. Force Marjeure

Force Majeure shall also include all circumstances which are reasonably deemed to be delivery or timely delivery of the goods sold in the way of, like or swift delivery to Seller
by its supplier, and if the seller his supplier sold goods or not timely received, in which case the seller has the choice to postpone delivery or to cancel, without any
compensation being due.

13. Disputes and applicable law.

All agreements to which these conditions fully or partly apply is governed exclusively by Dutch law. Any disputes arising or resulting from an agreement or other agreements
related to it, will be settled exclusively by the court in the district of Middelburg.